Definitive Bilstein 8112 & 8100 Guide & Applications

Jumping into the game with a triple piston design, which they’re labeling as Zone Control 8112 Coilovers, isn’t seen on more traditional race shock designs from Fox and King. The triple piston design gives Bilstein the freedom to valve the shock for great comfort on the daily drive and easy stuff, while giving precise control and handling in higher speed offroad environments.

8112 Zone Control Coilovers

Compared to the 6112 shocks, the 8112 have a threaded body that allows far more versatility in height adjustment; rather than predetermined circlips you can effectively choose any height increment between 0-3” on most applications. Also the inclusion of a reservoir on these means there’s a lot more go-fast attitude to these coilovers compared to the 6112.

  • Same 60mm digressive piston, but a huge surplus of oil for when things get hot
  • Additional remote reservoir that houses the extra oil, now making room for the triple piston design in the main coilover body
  • Soft plush everyday ride zone for the daily driver, with rebound and jounce cutoffs to take tough terrain at a quicker pace

8100 Bypass & Smooth Body

See the difference between internal and external bypass shocks here

We dove into exactly how these shocks worked and performed on a 2019 Wrangler JLU Rubicon. Our main goal was understanding just how much the compression & rebound settings made to comfort and traction while off-road, and handling the various gear loadouts for long-range trips.

Bilstein 8100 First Impressions and Wrangler Review

How do Bilstein 8112 stack up against Fox, King, Icon, and Radflo?

Right off the bat, Bilstein has done something with their 2.5” shock that isn’t seen on the other race-shock manufacturers’ models - the triple piston design and internal cutoffs. By utilizing an additional 2 pistons within the main shock body, they aren’t constrained purely to shim stacks and springs inside the shock to dampen energy.

The Bilstein 8112 has stepped into the big leagues of bolt on high speed dirt performance. The key is being able to take hard dirt hits; whether expected or unexpected, then rebounding in control and at speed.

If this doesn’t concern you, then the Bilstein 8112 are overkill. Along with most 2.5 reservoir options.

Here’s the current running application for both the 8112 and 8100 shocks from Bilstein