What is the difference between shocks and struts?

Struts and shocks are very similar in function, but very different in design. Struts can take the place of two or three conventional suspension components such as a shock + spring combination in most instances. In other situations struts are often used as a pivot point for steering and to adjust the position of the wheels for alignment purposes.

Do I need an alignment after new shocks or struts are installed?

For most shocks, an alignment isn’t required. For some strut and coilover replacements, a new alignment may be necessary if the ride height of the vehicle is being changed through different springs or spring heights (adjustable coil spring collar). An alignment is also recommended if the struts are designed in a way to allow for camber adjustment of the wheels.

Can I mount my shocks in any direction?

Only certain high pressurized gas monotube shocks are able to be mounted upside down, due to their damping action occurring by an internal floating piston. A twin tube shock should not be mounted upside down, as this will cause the oil and air to mix resulting in poor performance.

I can compress my shock by hand; is my shock weak or defective?

KYB says it best, "You cannot judge the strength or condition of a shock/strut by hand movement alone. The force and speed generated by a vehicle in operation exceeds what you can accomplish by hand. The fluid valves are calibrated to operate differently depending on the degree of movement inertia which cannot be duplicated by hand."

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, our system should quote you automatically upon checkout. If the numbers look off, please contact us and we can get you a personalized quote.

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Only half of my order showed up, what's up with that?

Sometimes a full set of shocks will be split up between our warehouses. Please double check your email and order status for multiple tracking numbers. If there was only one tracking number provided, and you’re still missing some of your order, please contact us immediately.

I ordered the wrong shocks, can I return or exchange them?

Yes, absolutely, we are here to make sure that your vehicle gets outfitted with the appropriate and correct set of shocks.

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My vehicle is torn apart and the shocks I ordered aren't here yet, can Shock Surplus reimburse me for lost time and labor?

No, do not schedule an install on the day of delivery, even though Shock Surplus ships extremely fast with quick delivery times, UPS / Fedex make mistakes. Its out of our hands if a carrier loses or damages a package, and Shock Surplus is not responsible for shop & labor time due to missed delivery of parts damaged on arrival. We will of course replace lost or damaged product, but we are not responsible for time lost due to a host of reasons not controllable by us.

What is the usual warranty process if I have problems?

There are two options for warranty submissions:

  1. Ship the possibly defective or failing shock back to Shock Surplus, await inspection and credit, then we can ship a new shock to you once the warranty claim is approved.
  2. A customer can pay a core charge on a new shock to be shipped immediately to replace the defective or failed unit. Once the exchange is done and the warranty item is shipped back to Shock Surplus, we will work on the claim immediately and approve it if deemed under warranty. A refund will be provided, minus any shipping costs incurred by Shock Surplus (we are not refunded shipping from the manufacturer)

Warranty Request

I received damaged shocks, now what?

Please contact us immediately and be ready to provide details regarding the package, what part numbers are present or missing, and if you could take pictures of any damage present. Once we have this information, we will open a claim with UPS, and can usually ship replacement product immediately.

Why isn't my shock expanding on its own?

KYB says it best, "You cannot judge the strength or condition of a shock/strut by hand movement alone. The force and speed generated by a vehicle in operation exceeds what you can accomplish by hand. The fluid valves are calibrated to operate differently depending on the degree of movement inertia which cannot be duplicated by hand."

How do I measure the length of the shocks I need while the shocks are still installed on the vehicle?

You can measure the existing ride height on trucks, and from there we can figure out what size of shocks are currently on your truck, or if you have a lift kit, and how big.

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What kind of shocks give the smoothest ride?

This answer (and maybe not the one you want to hear) will vary for each vehicle, and even if there are two identical vehicles, our shock recommendations for the smoothest ride would depend on other factors such as if the vehicle is factory height or has a suspension lift on it. Or which vehicle may have low profile tires with oversized rims. Or also the terrain the vehicle may see, whether thats smooth pavement or washboard dirt roads on a weekend adventure.

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What are the best shocks for lifted trucks?

Typically we recommend a monotube gas shock for a lifted vehicle. Lifted trucks usually come with bigger wheels and tires, which count as ‘unsprung weight’ and require better damping ability from the shock. A monotube gas shock may transfer more road harshness to the vehicle and driver, but the main purpose of a shock is to keep the vehicle in control and to keep traction. You can go with a softer shock, something like a twin-tube foam cell shock, or hydro only shock, which may ride softer on the highway and over bumps and potholes, but that comes at a sacrifice of control and handling, along with less lifespan of the shock.

Will better shocks improve my ride quality?

A resounding yes! But also remember how to think about ride quality and that its not a universal understanding between drivers. If the vehicle is floating down the highway, then new shocks will improve that by tightening up vehicle response to road conditions. If you get ‘jarred’ or get hard bouncing in the front or rear end of your vehicle, then that’s typical of a blown shock with no more rebound damping. New shocks will definitely help with that as well.

Do larger wheels and tires affect my ride quality?

Yes, to think about how wheel and tires translate to ride quality, look at the current ratio of your wheel size to tire size, it mostly comes down to sidewall size. The amount of sidewall translates directly to impact absorption, and then the driver’s ride comfort. Losing sidewall for oversized wheels will drastically reduce road comfort, shocks can help out a bit, but wont return the ride dynamics back to where they were.

Are Fox shocks a smooth riding shock?

We wouldn’t categorize the Fox 2.0 shocks as a smooth riding shock. These are high performance shock absorbers, meant for application-specific performance. That can either mean handling larger wheels and tires (unsprung weight) and keeping those in contact with the ground. Or keeping a vehicle with a lifted center of mass in control and improving body roll. High performance shocks aren’t meant to restore ride comfort like the vehicle came from the factory, Fox shocks are engineered to take offroad obstacles without missing a beat, maintaining control, and absorbing as much road energy as possible before transferring it up the chain from your suspension to the driver.

Do you guys price match?

Shock Surplus Price Matching Policy: Shock Surplus does price match against all competitors with in-stock product. A link must be provided prior to your purchase and approved by an associate, price matching does not stack on top of existing discounts. A custom invoice will be emailed to your provided address with the appropriate price. We cannot price match after the purchase, as our competitors frequently go out of stock, while we maintain one of the strongest shock absorber inventories in the United States.