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Eibach Pro-Truck Coilover Install on the Ford Ranger

We’ve done our due diligence in testing and reviewing the Fox 2.0 Performance Coilovers and shocks on the 2020 Ford Ranger here on staff. While there was a noticeable change in behavior after the Bilstein 5100s, not all changes were positive. Pros - softer overall, smoother on the highway, more comfortable off-road Cons - looser handling, this negatively affected the driver’s towing ability and experience Check out the full video of our Ford Ranger Fox 2.0 shocks review HERE From Fox to Eibach Looking forward, Eibach is one of the top contenders for light-truck 2” (2.0) coilovers, utilizing their mastery...

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Bilstein 5100 Shocks Install & Review - 2020 Silverado 1500 Z71

Baseline Vehicle Behavior If you’re wondering if it's normal when your truck is boaty off the lot - you’re not alone. Both Jeff and others here at Shock Surplus had similar impressions with the new 2020 Silverado 1500 RST Z71. While the public is sold that these trucks are premium bumper to bumper, that's not the case when it comes to the suspension, there’s a lot left to be desired from people that know the space. There are many vehicles across GM, Ford, and Jeep that feature a Rancho twin tube shock. In all our test drives, the factory Rancho...

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Bilstein 6112 Now Available for the 2021+ Ford F-150

If you've been cruising around in a brand new F-150 and have been itching to upgrade your truck's suspension to the trusty Bilstein 6112 your wait is over! This tried and true leveling option for your full sized Ford always comes highly recommended from those who have run it on their vehicles. The bang for your buck factor is solid. If you're just learning about this popular spring and shock combo for your truck, here's the basic run down on it's stats (from Bilstein): B8 6112 Features and Benefits Large 60mm body for increased oil capacity, cooling, and long-term durability...

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Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs 30K Mile Review

In February of 2019 one of our crew members snagged a new Honda Civic Sport hatchback in a 6 speed manual. Six weeks later it was lowered on Eibach Sportline lowering springs. Priorities. Three years and 30 thousand miles later and we’re still sporting an ear to ear grin every time we take it for a ride. Eibach Sportline Install Overall the difficulty level for a spring install is intermediate. Installation on suspension components can be daunting if you’ve never done it but it isn’t exactly the most complicated process either. The most attention and care must be taken when...

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Ride Review - Fox 2.0 IFP on a 2020 Ranger FX4

This is our Stage 2 for the 2019+ Ford Ranger. We’ll be diving into many different suspension combinations; changing out the shocks, control arms, leaf springs, and other parts. If you want to check out the first upgrade we did to the stock Ranger, see our Stage 1 writeup and Video. Shop your shock options: 2019+ Ford Ranger Shock Buying Guide Stage 1 Findings Going from stock shocks with a spacer to an entry-level performance shock like the Bilstein 5100 gave a great baseline on what kind of changes we can expect to see with future shock changes. Truthfully, some...

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