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We have carefully crafted educational shopping guides loaded with our vehicle-specific recommendations and organized by intended vehicle use. Contact Us if you don’t see your vehicle or have additional questions.

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Understanding your vehicle’s suspension system can be pretty confusing. With our 澳门历史开奖结果号码 Articles, we’re committed to helping you understand it all in order to make the most informed decisions when outfitting your ride.

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aftermarket suspension on a BMW

What 2023澳洲幸运5开奖记录下载-澳洲5开奖官网查询 "Improved Ride Quality" Actually Means

It’s not the same for every driver. Some drivers want their daily commute to be smooth and seamless, floating on the highway, cornering or stopping ability be damned. Some drivers want improved cornering and handling ability on backroads or curvy canyons, so they need something firmer than stock. The same goes for offroad vehicles; slow fire road driving or fast desert running, there’s no one size fits all solution for most people.

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Fox Dual Speed Compression

FOX Dual Speed Compression (DSC) Adjustment in Action

FOX has some of the best off-the-shelf adjustable shocks available for your truck, in the form of their Dual Speed Compression adjustment setup. There are two adjustment dials, one for high speed compression adjustment, and one for low speed adjustment (similar to whats found on the 2.0 CD adjustable shocks).

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adjustable shocks

Adjustable Shock Absorbers in Action

There are many forms of adjustable shocks & coilovers, ranging from single compression only adjustment, to dual and triple-adjustable settings. Most consumer or OEM replacement shocks will see single or dual adjustment, Rancho RS9000XL (single) FOX CD (single) FOX DSC (low and high speed compression dual adjustment). These types of shocks allow for on the fly tuning for performance requirements, and to be reset back to your regularly scheduled commute at the turn of a knob.

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lowered vehicle

Things to Consider When Lowering Your Vehicle

For many enthusiasts, lowering their car is the first and most important modification they do to their vehicles. Losing a little height will transform the look of your ride, as well as the handling. So all you gotta do is throw a set of coilovers on, crank them down, and lay frame right? Wrong, lowering your car will throw off all your suspension geometry and alignment, as well as create extreme drivetrain angles that can put unnecessary strain on the components. Don’t you worry though, all these things can be fixed with ease.

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cheap shocks vs premium shocks

Cheap Shocks Cost More Than Expensive Shocks

When thinking about upgrading your suspension or replacing your shocks or struts, look beyond the sticker price of the products you’re considering. There’s a difference beyond the sticker price on cheap shocks, OEM replacement, and higher end off-road or performance shocks. The longevity of shocks, which are your primary defense against everything the road throws at your vehicle, makes a huge difference in maintenance cost over the life of your car or truck.

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shocks installation

How much will it cost?

We're in the age of something for everyone, for all budgets and vehicle uses. Sometimes you need a budget level shock to hold you over for the season because you accidentally blew a pair on your truck while hitting the trails too hard. Or you may be ready to make a serious investment in your vehicle suspension, and go for a premium level monotube shock absorber, or race-level dampers with reservoirs, all of these decisions make a huge difference in total cost.

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shocks installation

Fox 2.0 Performance vs Bilstein 5100

It's the discussion that continues to appear across numerous automotive forums: "Fox 2.0 Performance or Bilstein 5100???" We’ve ran both types of shocks on the same truck, so the following synopsis comes from real-world offroad miles and pushing our vehicles hard.

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Why Shock Surplus? 2023澳洲幸运5开奖官网+开奖结果体彩下载、168官网

Shock Surplus has years of experience in the suspension and shock absorber industry, delivering expertise to our customers every day. If you don't see your vehicle listed on our site, contact us directly and we'll find you a ride control package from our trusted manufacturer selection.

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